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August 2010:


Pazardjik-based Educational Partnership Launched with USAID Funds
For Immediate Release
August 24, 2010
The U.S. Embassy in Sofia, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is pleased to announce the start of a new Educational Public-Private Partnership named “Pathways”, based in Pazardjik, Bulgaria.
Launched in May of this year, the Pathways mission is to provide the education, resources, and support necessary for Bulgarian high school students to further develop their technical expertise and entrepreneurial know-how. The project has identified the fields of computer skills, English language and entrepreneurship training as critical to the future economic development in the region of Pazardjik, Bulgaria. The goal of the program is to increase the overall competitiveness of Bulgarian students.

Pathways, an idea developed by Angel Kelchev, a native of Bulgaria, while a student at the Harvard Kennedy School, features an innovative approach to delivery of high-quality education to Bulgarian students. Its educational model and curriculum will utilize remote and on-site instruction, multimedia resources, and modern equipment.

Pathways is designed to motivate students to further their education at institutions of higher learning in Bulgaria and abroad as well as encourage them to focus on technology and entrepreneurship-related disciplines. Pathways will also provide continuing education to adults who seek to transition to new careers or enhance their productivity by gaining additional knowledge.

The project features the efforts of a diverse group of partners from five countries who bring about highly divergent sets of expertise and play different roles in the execution of Pathways's mission. This program is currently funded until November 15, 2012. For more information on Pathways, please see their website at:

More information in connection with this press release can be received from Ms. Katia Alexieva, U. S. Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria, telephone: 359 2 939 5731 and Mr. Angel Kelchev, Pathways Pazardjik, telephones: 359 34 441 126 or 359 896 707 905.