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Entrea Capital, Sofia, Bulgaria
  Associate Director, Mergers & Acquisitions 06/2012 – 01/2013

▪ Led a number of sell-side mandates for Bulgarian companies from the FMCG, ICT, agriculture and food sectors. Responsibilities included detailed financial modeling and valuation analysis, preparation of investment materials and direct marketing to foreign financial and institutional investors
▪ Managed a mezzanine financing mandate for a leading Bulgarian food company. Coordinated all project phases including research, valuation analysis, marketing to mezzanine lenders, term sheet negotiations, tax, financial and legal due diligence and review of the loan agreement

Pathways Center for Education and Entrepreneurship
  Founder & CEO, 09/2009 – 06/2012

▪ Founded Pathways ( after the project was approved for $500,000 in USAID funding as part of the US-Bulgaria Partnership for Information Technology and Innovation
▪ Recruited Harvard Kennedy School of Government faculty and staff to form an Advisory Board and leveraged the members’ various expertise and strategic guidance to further develop the non-profit organization and ensure objective oversight
▪ Devised an innovative academic curriculum and created a mentoring program with outstanding professionals and academics
▪ Managed a total of 6 staff members, 8 instructors and working with a selected student body of 120+ scholars
▪ Co-founded MyWay.BG (, an interactive online platform aimed at promoting academic and professional awareness among Bulgarian youth and showcasing positive career examples from a variety of economic sectors

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Union Square Advisors, San Francisco, CA
  Analyst, Global Technology M&A 08/2007 – 07/2009

▪ Valued private/public companies based on comps, precedent deals, DCF, DEV, premiums paid; merger modeling, LBO analysis
▪ Carried out both qualitative and quantitative analysis for evaluating transaction likelihood and potential strategic partners
▪ One of first two analysts hired; many responsibilities related to setting up infrastructure, model templates, CRM; focus on software

Lehman Brothers, Menlo Park, CA

Analyst, Global Technology M&A 07/2006 – 07/2007

▪ Performed pro forma merger, accretion/dilution, comparables, precedent transactions, premiums paid, LBO and breakup analysis
▪ Performed analysis for numerous potential cross-border transactions with multiple operating scenarios
▪ The only analyst from a class of eight to be selected to work in the Tech M&A Group; high tier analyst ranking

EuroBuilding-1 LTD., Sofia, Bulgaria

Marketing Manager (20 hours/week) 01/2005 – 06/2006

▪ Developed extensive marketing campaign for the ultra-luxury residential development South City (website, portfolio, brochures)
▪ Held informational meetings for prospective buyers as well as for potential investors and developers of the nearby community
▪ Negotiated with local government officials on improving the area’s infrastructure, public services and city exposure

Morgan Stanley, Palo Alto, CA

Intern (15-20 hours/week) 03/2005 – 06/2005

▪ Worked under the close supervision of a Senior Vice President and evaluated multiple clients’ portfolios and their performance
▪ Improved ways of conveyance of information to and from clients and created personalized reports of clients’ portfolios
▪ Familiarized myself with the programs used by the Firm and made recommendations as to differing ways of asset allocations

Stanford Student Enterprises, Stanford, CA
  Banking Associate (15 hours/week) 10/2004 – 03/2005

▪ Analyzed data and performed calculations extensively using MS Access, MS Excel and Great Plains accounting software
▪ Managed student groups’ accounts and kept them in good standing as non profit organizations
▪ Coordinated student activities and provided assistance to more than 600 student groups

ITEX Corporation, Bellevue, WA

Summer Intern (35 hours/week) 06/2004 – 08/2004

▪ Compiled and consolidated business metrics into easily understandable formats to be uploaded on the internal corporate website
▪ Researched and developed databases identifying trends and relationships leading to enhanced business performance
▪ Prepared presentations for senior managers and presented to the Board of Directors and Finance Committee per CEO’s request

Bellevue CC, Bellevue, WA

Student Government President (20 hours/week) 05/2003 – 06/2004

▪ Led a team of nine student officers on a variety of projects and represented student body of 22,000
▪ Coordinated and completed multiple projects including a Business Center facility and Leadership Institute
▪ Managed the distribution of $1.2m to different departments and was in charge of budget line of $150K

Bellevue CC, Bellevue, WA
  Reading Lab Tutor (15 hours/week) 10/2002 – 06/2004

▪ Acquainted new students with the resources of the Reading Lab at BCC
▪ Evaluated students and prepared individual studying programs
▪ Provided administrative assistance to management and teaching assistants

Bellevue CC, Bellevue, WA
  Math Lab Tutor (20 hours/week) 09/2002 – 03/2003

▪ Acquainted new students with the resources of the Math Lab at BCC
▪ Provided individual assistance on various Math courses taught at BCC
▪ Provided administrative assistance to management and teaching assistants